Youth Ministries

Our goal is to provide an open atmosphere where students know they matter, where students can be honest, open, heard, accepted, and equipped to live out their faith. We do this by drawing on three different spheres:  social activity, mission endeavors, and spiritual growth as it seeks to help students on their unique journey of faith.

Church School Classes:


This close-knit group integrates a wide array of topics and disciplines into a class that nurtures spiritual maturity. The big picture goal: to ready students for a life of thoughtful and engaged Christian faith. The youth will also participate in the Acolyte program and lead in the worship service. 

Bereans (4-6th Grade)

 This younger group seeks to connect the famous biblical stories to one another as they learn to discuss what they believe and why they believe it. This class makes their way through stories in the Old Testament and New Testament and seeks to apply it to their daily lives. 

Youth Ministry Events

Lock Ins:

Periodically, the building at NDBC becomes home to the youth for a night. Our lock-ins are laid-back social and spiritual times where youth discuss teenage life issues, play games, eat, and watch movies.


Youth meet once a month after church—either in the afternoon or the evening. Encore! serves as a time into which we place various events, including but not limited to after-church lunches, afternoon outdoor activities, evening movies, service projects, and trips to nearby spiritual sites (i.e. Monastery of the Holy Spirit, etc.). Any given month's Encore! event will be publicized via email, facebook, and the youth newsletter.

Touching Taliaferro with Love:

In partnership with the wider community at Northside Drive, the youth participate annually in what we simply refer to as 'Talifer.' Check back here in the near future for more information on Touching Taliaferro with Love this coming summer!