Core Values

We try to live out the core values of being inclusive, inquiring, and involved.  Several years ago, the church adopted a "Church Vision" which has guided us  in applying and understanding our values.  Our Church Vision states, 

  • We believe God calls us into Christian community with the challenge to discern and act upon the ongoing revelation of God in our time and place.
  • We live out this vision by being a church rooted deeply in liturgical traditions, where intergenerational friendships are valued, all members can be known by name, open-mindedness is the basis of spiritual formation, resources are shared generously, and where hands-on service is crucial to our own discipleship and the mission of Christ in the world.
  • We celebrate this vision through the intimacy of a loving congregation, the strength of Baptist freedoms, and the reach of an ecumenical and inclusive spirit.

At Northside Drive, we like to say that we are inclusive, inquiring, and involved.   Those words are values we try to live out in our communal life together.  Our members Ken Brant, Karen Massey, and Caitlyn Furr Gudmundsen help tell that story in the videos below.  


NDBC Inclusive from Northside Drive Baptist Church on Vimeo.


NDBC Inquiring from Northside Drive Baptist Church on Vimeo.


NDBC Member Caitlyn Furr Gudmundsen tells the story of NDBC's inquiring nature. from Northside Drive Baptist Church on Vimeo.




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