Sunday morning worship at Northside Drive has a somewhat formal style and observes the traditions of the Christian liturgical year.  The traditions include Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost---and special days such as Reformation Sunday, All Saints Day and the Festival of Thanksgiving.

Many feel that worship begins at Northside Drive as people gather in the Narthex before entering the sanctuary.  Here each person is offered a friendly greeting.  The quick conversations, the hugs, and the laughter is a reminder that worship is a community experience.

The semicircular sanctuary is surrounded by amazing stained glass windows that show the familiar biblical stories, historical events of Christian faith, and social events that have moved us.  Worship is a time that pulls us from much of the chaos of life, but we are never isolated from it.

Music is an important part of our worship service.  Through the sounds of the beautiful pipe organ, the hymns that we sing together, the diverse selection of anthems from the sanctuary choir, and the fidgety voices of the children choir, worship is indeed a participatory experience.

The Time with the Children is an opportunity for the children to be a part of the worship service while allowing adults to overhear some special conversations.  It is a reminder that God’s love can be expressed in funny stories, guessing games, hand puppets, unexpected questions, and a child curling up in the minister’s lap.

We read scripture from the Common Lectionary.  In doing this we connect with thousands of other churches that read those same passages each Sunday.  The message that is shared draws from these words and responds to questions of faith.  How do we go about living in a way that offers love and hope?  How do we respond to acts of injustice?  How do we open ourselves to loving those who feel isolated from our community?  How do we stay connected to God and to each other?

We look forward to opportunity of sharing worship we you.  Please join us on Sunday at 11:00 AM!

Event Coordinator Dr. Keith Walker

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