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Biography is Our Theology

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How do you learn to lay bricks? Watch someone lay bricks.
How do you learn to change a tire? Watch someone change a tire.
How do you learn to live a good life? Watch someone live a good life.

And that is the meaning of All Saints Sunday.

The reason we need saints is that we need examples- we need stories about how life is to be lived. We need to watch and see, we need to learn from one another.

Baptist theologian Jim McClendon said it this way: biography is our theology. Ours is not a faith of bullet points and doctrines and teachings. Ours is a faith that is embodied, lived, watched, practiced and passed on. Passed on through the lives of the saints.

We celebrate All Saints Day this Sunday, November 6. As is our tradition, we will read the names of Northside Drive members who have passed away this year.

Join us for this important service as we reflect on the saints of Northside Drive.


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