NDBC Authors

At Northside Drive Baptist Church, we are enriched by the number of deep thinkers and published authors who make up our congregation.   In this series, we will feature interviews with NDBC authors about their lives and their books.  

Rev. Dr. Larry McSwain

Dr. Larry McSwain is a member of NDBC, married to Sue, and is now retired from pastoral ministry and the faculty of McAfee School of Theology.  Read more about Larry here.  He is the author of Loving Beyond Your Theology: The Life and Ministry of Jimmy Raymond Allen  and Conflict Ministry in the Church  among other publications.  In this interview, Associate Pastor Daniel Headrick and Larry discuss his biography of Jimmy Allen.  Enjoy!

Larry McSwain NDBC Authors (4.11.19) from Northside Drive Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Rev. Dr. Karen Massey

Dr. Massey is the Associate Dean for Masters Degree Programs and Associate Professor of Christian Education and Faith Development and Holder of Watkins Christian Foundation Chair at the McAfee School of Theology.  Read more about Karen here.   She is also a long time member of NDBC and a former Associate Pastor here.  She is the editor of And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy: Sermons by Women in Baptist Life.  In this interview, Karen and Associate Pastor Daniel Headrick talk about life, Baptist women in ministry, the SBC, and much more!  

Dr. Jim Mahaffey

Associate Pastor Daniel Headrick recently sat down with Dr. James Mahaffey to discuss his new book "Atomic Adventures: Secret Islands, Forgotten N-Rays, and Isotopic Murder: A Journey into the Wild World of Nuclear Science".  
Dr. James Mahaffey (Jim) is a member of NDBC and holds a bachelor of science in physics and master of science and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. During a 25-year career at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), he directed or worked on projects for the U. S. Defense Nuclear Agency, the U. S. National Ground Intelligence Center, the U. S. Air Force Air Logistics Center, Georgia Power Company, and other government and private industrial organizations, in such areas as nuclear power, non-linear analysis, digital systems design, and cold fusion. He directed a multi-million-dollar project at Georgia Power's Plant Hatch to design and install a safety system after TMI. He left Georgia Tech to work in nanotechnology as Head of Advanced Research at Nanoventions Inc. in Roswell, Georgia, and later as Director of Technology for AIR2, a company with headquarters in Maryland. He is now a full-time writer and consultant. He has appeared on PBS NewsHour, on Georgia Public Broadcasting's "Georgia Weekly," and on numerous radio talk shows. Having lectured in Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Ireland on various scientific topics related to his research, he is considered to be a skilled public speaker and is easy to understand, as well as entertaining.Dr. Mahaffey's first book, ATOMIC AWAKENING: A NEW LOOK AT THE HISTORY AND FUTURE OF NUCLEAR POWER (Pegasus Books, New York, July 2009), received wide critical acclaim. It has enjoyed worldwide sales, and is also available in Chinese translation (Shanghai Science and Technology Literature Publishing House, 2011). In 2011, Facts on File published Dr. Mahaffey's six-volume reference set for high schools and colleges, on nuclear energy.  His book, ATOMIC ACCIDENTS (Pegasus Books, New York) was released in February 2014, and has received Starred Reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus, positive reviews from Booklist and Nuclear Street, and was the lead book in a feature review in Nature. Both Scientific American Book Club and The History Book Club have purchased rights to include the book as one of their selections. 



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