The Threat of Christian Nationalism

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Christian Nationalism is a political ideology that seeks to merge Christian identity with national identity, often promoting the belief that the United States is a Christian nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles. While faith can play a significant role in public life, Christian Nationalism takes it a step further by advocating for policies and laws that privilege Christianity above other religions and seeks to impose a particular interpretation of Christian values on society.

This ideology undermines religious freedom by marginalizing non-Christian faiths and promoting discrimination against religious minorities. It distorts the principles of democracy by prioritizing one religious perspective over others, threatening the separation of church and state. Finally, it can fuel divisiveness and intolerance, fostering an "us versus them" mentality that undermines the pluralistic fabric of society.

If these topics interest you, mark your calendar for September 8 at 4 PM to hear Amanda Tyler from the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty who will shed further light on this issue during her talk at Northside Drive. In preparation we will host a movie viewing of the documentary "God and Country” on July 21 and a discussion group on July 28.


Event Coordinator Scott Hovey

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