Three Ways to Support Siamoy and Soghra

Posted by Ashley Guthas on November 02, 2023

Take a Field Trip

If anyone would be interested in taking Siamoy and Soghra out for a day, we welcome ideas! Many season passes to Atlanta attractions often come with additional free visitor passes. Soghra has her undergrad classes during the week, but Siamoy is free each day until she can secure a job. It would be so helpful for them to have extra opportunities to meet others and get out during the week and on the weekend. They both love being outside and walking and we are only 5 minutes from Sweetwater Creek. 

Ideas: Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, Piedmont Park, Halal restaurants, High Museum, Six Flags, Apple Picking in North Georgia, etc. 

Offer Transportation

Soon there will be many meetings for Siamoy and Soghra at various offices around Atlanta. if anyone can help provide transportation for them it would be very helpful. They both speak fluent English. If you have this desire and capacity, we can create a list and send out their appointment dates and times as we receive them so you can sign up. Ashley can bring them to Northside Drive.

Give Driving Lessons

Driving lessons! If you are patient and feel you have the skills to help teach Siamoy and Soghra how to drive, we can begin in the church parking lot! It will be best for these lessons to take place with each woman individually.

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