What Did We Do on Our Summer Vacation?

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Posted by Scott Hovey on August 31, 2023

I’m glad you asked! We’ve done plenty!  

Here are some highlights:

This summer we worshiped together in the Chapel for the first time in years! It took some work to set ourselves up to stream our services online. Our worship looked a little different as we focused on building community and sharing together.

This summer we made a change to our church branding! Amelia Simmons, our Communications Director, led a team through a process of evaluating our current branding, visioning for the best ways to capture the essence of our church and, in the end, we came up with images, colors and logos that we can use to share the story of our church.

This summer we hired a new staff member! We are so excited that Ashley Guthas has joined us as Associate Minister to Families with Children and Youth. Our search committee spent the summer reading resumes and interviewing candidates until we found the right fit.

This summer we completely redesigned our church website! Again, Amelia, our Communications Director, led the way in making our website clear, clean, and accessible. Our new website will be the way visitors and new friends will learn about who we are. Be sure to check it out!

This summer we served on mission! We had a great group of volunteers serve in Taliaferro, GA in June and a group travel to Helena-West Helena, AR, to help run a swim camp for children. What a joy to be able to be a part of such great projects.

This summer we upgraded our church database! Not as exciting as the others, but important, nonetheless. An accessible and up-to-date database is critical to a well-run church. We have moved from ACS to Realm (also an ACS product). Realm is a church database created to help churches navigate life today. It is easy to use, allows us to communicate more effectively and even has an app for our smartphones that allows each of us to register for events and even check our giving (securely!)

And we have great things planned for this fall!  

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